How do you use wireless charging using the Huawei P30 and P30 Lite

It’s true that the Huawei P30 and P30 Lite don’t have wireless charging by default as that of the P30 Pro which comes with this feature included. There are ways to make use of this new charging technology using your P30 or Lite using just a few basic accessories we’ll discuss in the following article.

1. Wireless charging adapters

The most affordable and cost-effective alternative we’ve seen to integrate wireless charging into your Huawei is definitely through the use of an adapter for wireless charging. It’s slim USB-C charging device connects directly to the USB-C port of your phone that is concealed in the back of your phone and stowing between the phone and its case. This is the perfect solution since it shields the adapter from view of view, and does its job effortlessly, allowing users to recharge in the most efficient method that is possible.

Additionally, this method is compatible with your existing case, and does not force users to purchase a different wireless charger which are often available in basic styles and designs.

There is a huge range in wireless chargers which work in conjunction with P30 and the P30 as well as the P30 Lite. These are located here!

2. Wireless charging cases

There are also models with wireless charging adapters integrated into. They connect to the USB-C port, however they use it in a way that is more appealing visually. The only drawback is that the choice of cases isn’t as extensive and should you upgrade to a new phone that doesn’t support wireless charging, you’ll have cases that aren’t utilized as an adapter, whereas the one that can be used on your new phone due to its universality. The case selection is extensive. authentic Huawei Wireless charging accessories on our site! You can also see them in action by watching the below video.

3. Wireless charging pads

Now that you have the Huawei P30, or the P30 Light with wireless charging. All you’ll require is an wireless charging pad to charge it using this new method.

There are a lot of options available, however our top pick choice is one called the Olixar Ultra 10W fast wireless charging pad due to its sleek design and attractive price.

Wireless charging doesn’t have to take place at a bedside or desk table. You can also charge wirelessly while driving with car holders that charge wirelessly and charge with no wires using an electric charging device that is wireless!

Wrapping up

We thank you for reading our article on how you can recharge wirelessly with your Huawei P30 or P30 Lite. Please feel free to post a comment or inquiry below, and we’ll be sure to respond to you.

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